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What does the ATX v3.0 power supply include?

What is ATX12VO and its benefits?

What are the new innovations that come with ATX12VO v2?

All PSU sample provided compliant with ATX v3.0 or ATX12VO v2.0 per the PSU sector page.

Link here: PSU Compatibility Page

Reference Documents:

Power Supply List
This list shows all submitted power supplies that meet the required elements of the Power Supply Design Guide Test Plan
Updated: March 3, 2023

DG Version Brand Model Number Power Form Factor +12V (All) Label Current +3.3V +5V MB Connector 12VHPWR Connector CPU Connector GFX 2x3 SATA Connectors Operating Temp 80+ Verified 115V Desktop CPU Generation Tested Desktop CPU Peak Load Support Mainstream Workstation CPU Peak Load Support Expert Workstation CPU Peak Load Support 12V2 CPU Continuous 12V2 Min Load 0A I_PSU% Supported Low Load Efficiency 5VSB/12VSB Efficiency for ALPM 5VSB/12VSB Efficiency for ErP 1W/0.5W Timing T1 & T3 for ALPM (Recommended) AC Input Tested Date
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0MSI MEG Ai1000P PCIE51000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0ThermaltakeTOUGHPOWER GF3 12001200WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0Channel WellCSZ 1200W 1200WATX12V
PSU DG 12VO 2.0Great WallGW-ATX1200SL1200WATX12VO
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0Be Quiet!Dark Power 13 (P13-1000W)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0Gigabyte GP-UD1300GM PG51300WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairSF1000L (RPS0156)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairSF850L (RPS0155)850WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0FSPHydro PTM Pro HPT2-1000M1000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairRM1000e (RPS0179)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0MSIMEG Ai1300P PCIE51300WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0Gigabyte GP-UD850GM PG5850WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0Gigabyte GP-UD1000GM PG51000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0High Power HP1-O21000GD-F14C1000WATX12V
PSU DG 12VO 1.0CorsairRM750 12VO v1.0750WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0CorsairRM850 12VO v1.0850WATX12VO
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairRM750x Shift (RPS0159)750WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairRM850x Shift (RPS0160)850WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0FSPFSP550-51AAC550WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairRM1000x Shift (RPS0161)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0CorsairRM1200x Shift (RPS0162)1200WATX12V
PSU DG 2.0 / ATX 3.0SeasonicVertex GX-12001200WATX12V
PSU DG 12VO 2.0Channel WellHPD650M650WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 2.0CorsairRM850 12VO (RPS0151)850WATX12VO
PSU DG 1.43CorsairHX1000i (RPS0131)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM1000e (RPS0158)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM850e (RPS0157)850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43SeasonicFocus SPX-750750WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairTX750M (RPS0142)750WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairTX650M (RPS0141)650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairTX550M (RPS0140)550WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairCS650 (RPS0149)650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairCX750M (RPS0139)750WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairCX650M (RPS0138)650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM650 (RPS0118)650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM850 (RPS0120)850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM750 (RPS0119)750WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM1000x (RPS0125)1000WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM850x (RPS0124)850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM650x (RPS0122)650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.43CorsairRM750x (RPS0123)750WATX12V
PSU DG 12VO 1.0SeasonicSSR-650FX3-12VO650WATX12VO
PSU DG 1.43CorsairCX750F RGB (RPS0135)750WATX12V
PSU DG 12VO 1.0Cooler MasterMPO-750V-AFAAG750WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0Channel WellCSL 650W-I650WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0Channel WellCSL 750W-I750WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0Channel WellCSL 850W-I850WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0Channel WellCSL 550W-I550WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0High PowerHP1-P750GD-12S750WATX12VO
PSU DG 12VO 1.0High PowerHP1-P650GD-12S650WATX12VO
PSU DG 1.42CorsairRM650650WATX12V
PSU DG 1.42CorsairRM750750WATX12V
PSU DG 1.42CorsairAX850 (RPS0113)850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.42CorsairSF450 (RPS0025)450WATX12V
PSU DG 1.42CorsairSF600 (RPS0112)600WATX12V
PSU DG 1.4CorsairRM850x (RPS0110)850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.4Be Quiet!E11-850W850WATX12V
PSU DG 1.4CorsairAX1600i (RPS0036)1600WATX12V
PSU DG 1.4EVGA220-T2-1600-X11600WATX12V
PSU DG 1.4Be Quiet!E11-450W450WATX12V

Intel’s power supply testing can produce different efficiency results compared to other testing labs.
See this document for more details - Intel Efficiency Procedure Guide