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This tool allows users to find compatible peripheral devices and software for a specific hardware device. When an Intel product such as an Intel® NUC Kit is selected, all compatible NUC peripheral devices and software are displayed for that device.

Compatibility is determined based on testing, either by Intel, by the manufacturer of the peripheral device, or by 3rd party testers. The tool also displays peripherals reported as compatible by Intel product owners.

Results Type in the compatibility tool will be one of the following:

Results Type


Intel Validated

Intel uses samples of publicly available hardware peripherals to see if Intel products achieved a high level of compatibility. The test results provide a sample of system functionality. Peripheral manufacturer changes can affect operation of their products with Intel® products. Intel does not retest the systems when any part of the test hardware or its configuration changes—for example, drivers, BIOS/firmware revisions. Successful test results do not guarantee compatibility with other hardware. System integrators should continually verify compatibility of specific peripherals.

Manufacturer Validated

Device manufacturers test their devices with Intel products and provide the test results to Intel, to be included in this Compatibility Tool.

3rd Party Validated

3rd party test houses may test peripheral devices for compatibility with Intel products and provide the test results to Intel, to be included in this Compatibility Tool.

Customer Reported

Devices and software that have been reported by Intel product owners to be compatible with their particular hardware configuration. Intel has not validated these devices or software applications to confirm compatibility.


Devices that have been identified as incompatible either by Intel testing or by product owners. These are usually accompanied by a note explaining the nature of the incompatibility.

To report a compatibility problem between a peripheral device and an Intel product, please contact Intel Customer Support.
This tool contains compatibility information for products starting in July 2017. If you have an Intel product that is not listed in this tool, it may be a previously discontinued product or compatibility data is not available. Products are added to this tool when they begin shipping.

For Intel® Server boards, the tool shows server chassis and operating systems that are compatible with the Intel® Server Board Family. Other peripheral devices, components and software that are compatible with Intel® Server Boards are not available in the tool at this time.

OS Testing Type Detailed Description

Compatibility and Stress

Intel supports you for issues involving installation or functionality of the Intel® Server Board for the operating systems listed above, regardless if adapters and peripherals were tested under the operating system.

Basic installation and compatibility

Intel provides support and tests the following operating system drivers for each of the Intel® Server Board integrated controllers, when the controller vendor provides a driver on request.

Basic installation

Intel does not provide any technical support to open-source operating systems. If you encounter any technical problem or difficulty in installation or usage of any open-source software, seek support from the corresponding open-source operating system community.